Ok, so let’s get real. I recently posted about how one of my goals for the summertime is to try new things. Specifically, my goal is try at least one new thing each week. So far, I’m doing good. I posted about my trip to Fort Lauderdale and how I tried a new spin studio while there last week. Last week, I aimed high. Literally..

For Father’s Day, I thought it would be thrilling to add some action and adventure to the day. Thankfully, Brent is pretty open to trying anything at least once. So, I signed us up for zip lining.

First, I have to admit. I’m a little terrified of heights. Like, extremely scared of heights. I hate flying in airplanes because of the heights. I don’t like being too high up in hotels. I’m just not a fan. So for me, this was partly to help me get over this fear.

We started the experience with a crash course on how to zipline. Our instructors taught us about technique and the hand signals. You know, we don’t want to end up crashing into one of the platforms.

Then, we started climbing. The first zip was 38 feet in the air. In order to get to it, we had to climb quite a few stairs. My quads were pretty much on fire to start. The first zip was like the bunny hill at the sky resort. Once we went across that, got the technique down, the rest of the zips were a breeze.

There were 7 zips on the course, plus several bridges and staircases to climb. The best part, which helped me get over my fears, is that you are constantly clipped in while on the course. On the harness are two clips. While on the platform, both clips are clipped into the lines until it’s your turn to zip. I felt really safe. I even worked up the courage to hang over the edge!

Although it was a bazillion degrees outside, we had so much fun. Brent really enjoyed doing something new for Father’s Day and still being able to visit with our families. It was a great bonding activity & I recommend checking out Common Ground Canopy Tours in Oberlin, Ohio. Have you tried anything new or exciting recently?!

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