Have you ever been sucked into the vortex?! You know what I’m talking about. You think you’re just going to pick up your phone, see if anyone liked that new Insta pic you just posted and then safely place your phone back in your purse. Yeah, right! I tell myself this lie all the time! But it gets me. The vortex, it’s real. Once I finally come up for air, 30 minutes has passed me by and I’ve reached the conclusion I’m behind on projects, emails, appointments, the list goes on. And, boy, have I become a victim to this lately! Not to mention all of life’s other distractions – work, kids, shopping.

For me, the social media vortex has been the worst. I’ll find myself aimlessly scrolling through my favorite flavor of the day – twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest – and the next thing I know, the dishes are still piled high and the laundry still hasn’t changed itself! I, then, go into panic mode, “if only I could get those 30 minutes back!” It’s so easy to fall into the trap. With the quick access on our phones via social media apps, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, 1 minute of quick scrolling – it all adds up. I mean, I probably checked my phone 5 times while writing this post! Guilty!

Now that fall is officially here and school has started back up, I’ve been reevaluating how I manage my time while also harnessing my social media cravings. Let’s face it; social media isn’t going anywhere so it should be embraced. But darn it, I’m not letting it steal my time! Here are three ways to navigate past the social media time trap vortex.

3 Ways to Navigate the Social Media Time Vortex:

1. Set your alarm. Let’s face it. Our alarms aren’t just for waking us up these days. I’ve started using it for everything! I probably have 10 different alarms set on my phone, and they all aren’t morning wake up times. I’m usually really good about waking up in the morning on the first ring. So what do I set my alarm for? There are a few “must-dos” that I like to accomplish each day; work on my blog in the morning, a daily chore/task, go to work, get in a quick sweat session at the gym and read before bed. So I have alarms set for all of these. Using your alarm as a tool is a great way to develop new habits as well! I’ve also embraced my alarm to devote to my social media habits. Instead of getting sucked in every couple minutes and constantly reaching to check my phone for all the latest updates, I set my alarm to get my social media fix. It’s a win-win in my book!

2. Don’t go to bed with a dirty dish. I know. This one seems silly. But let me explain….it’s 9 pm and you’re EXHAUSTED from another busy day. However, while passing through the kitchen, those dirty dishes catch the corner of your eye. Ah, the dreaded dishes. Of course, some of you may be fortunate enough to have a handy dandy dishwasher to do the washing. However, I am not quite so lucky! And my number #1 fav thing to do to avoid washing the dishes..any guesses?!?! Yep, that’s right. Hop onto social media & the endless scroll begins. It’s the perfect way to avoid those dirty things. Not anymore! Now, I make it a point to make sure there are no dishes in the sink at the end of the night because they’ll still be there in the morning if I don’t do them. And then the cycle starts all over again! So that’s why you should….

3. Fall in love with your Clock app. If I’m really stressed for time or just need to be extra focused on my tasks, I set the timer on my phone. “Ok, in 10 minutes I should have this entire kitchen spotless.” Or “Ok, I can get all the bills paid online in 20 minutes, tops!” Once the timer goes off, I go on to the next task/chore. This trick has really helped me get more accomplished throughout the day & has changed my daily progress for the better!

I understand sometimes we just feel physically and mentally drained. The mindless social media scroll is comforting. It takes little effort, but takes all the extra effort you have just to decide that you don’t want to wash those dishes. However, I promise, you will feel so much better if you take 10 minutes to do them! These are some of the tricks that I’ve been embracing to avoid the vortex. What’re some things you do to help avoid getting suck-in to social media?!