When I was in elementary school, I remember sitting on the toilet in my parents bathroom watching and staring in amazement as my mom applied the prettiest pink lipstick to her lips. I would beg and plead for her to put some on me. Of course, in order to get me to stop begging, she humored me by applying the faintest amount of color onto my lips. But to me, I was instantly transformed. I felt like an adult. I was going to school with lipstick on.

Now those very same roles are reversed. Each morning, while I’m getting ready for work and applying my makeup, Ella sits there in amazement. She’s admiring my every sweep of eyeshadow, stroke of mascara and blotting of cream blush. There she is, begging me to put eyeshadow on her eyes and blush on her cheeks. I can’t help but remember back to those same moments with my mom.


As I race to finish getting ready so I can make it to work on time, I always stop to apply my lipstick before I leave. I love how she gets to share those same memories with me. I can’t help but think she’ll get to do this one day. How lucky is she? And how luck am I?


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