One of the upsides to living in Cleveland, Ohio, is getting to enjoy all four seasons.  

Wait, what??????

Oh yes, I went there. I live in Cleveland, the most unpredictable weather city as of late! One day it’s 70 degrees. The next day, there’s a blizzard and you’re cursing your car, while cleaning the mound of snow that accumulated over night. Then we spend the entire day indulging in comfort foods, resulting in carbs overload. No? Just me? Ehhh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love those extra carbs! Hello mac n cheese!! Nom,nom,nom. The extra carbs help fuel my workouts. But the thing is, I was not working out. At least, it wasn’t consistent workouts. So, I recruited some help. In the spring of 2015, I worked with a nutrition/macronutrients coach to help get me on track. After falling off the wagon for a bit, I’ve recently reconnected with her.

So what exactly is a macronutrient coach? Well, let’s first start with macronutrients. Macronutrients are fats, carbs and proteins, which the human body requires in large amounts, in order to properly function. By enlisting my coach, she is providing me with daily macronutrient intakes, based on information I’ve given her regarding current height, weight, activity level, etc., to aid in weight loss. Since I started counting my macronutrients in 2015, I was able to lose 15 lbs. and participated in a bikini competition. After my competition, I stopped counting my macros and kinda went off the deep end. Blah. But after all, I’m human. I packed my pounds back on, stopped working out, and indulged all the time.

Fast forward to present day. At the beginning of the year, I wrote down my goal of eating a plant based diet and getting physically fit. Although, it has been challenging to eat predominately plant based, having the assistance of a macro coach has helped assist me with including more plant based meals. I’ve become more aware of the foods I eat, and have limited my indulgences. I’m no longer laden with guilt after a piece of cake or chocolate! That’s a win, win for a sugar addict!

As I’ve mentioned in this post, in regards to holding myself accountable to my 2017 goals, I have an accountability partner. For my fitness and nutrition goals, this is the role of my macros coach. You might say she is my fitness and nutrition accountability partner. I have to report to her once a week, every week, whether I followed my macros consistently and how much exercise I did. I’ve been working with her, again, for a little over a month. My activity level is up, although I’ve had some off weeks, and I’ve noticed a difference in my energy levels! Also, proper nutrition has helped fuel my workouts and I have more energy to complete the workouts. Before, I was just going through the motions. I can feel a difference in my efforts towards increasing weights and completing cardio. It’s a great feeling!

Although working with a nutrition coach isn’t for everybody, I highly recommend being more aware about the foods we put in our body. Of course the upsides are better overall health and weight loss, but the increase in energy levels make it all worth skipping nightly desserts! If you’d like more information about macronutrient counting or working with a macros coach, you can check out my coach’s website here!