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Anyone else spring cleaning their wardrobe? With it already being mid-April, you wouldn’t think that we would be throwing on those big wool sweaters anymore. However, in Ohio, this winter is dragging on. Like snowing still. Never ending. It sucks. Needless to say, I’m trying to spring-ify (if that’s a word) & clean out my wardrobe.

The other day in class, one of the teachers I work with pointed out that everyone in class, including us, were wearing black or dark colors. The colors of a lingering winter that just won’t go away & a reminder that it’s still snowing in April. I am making it my spring goal to wear less black! After rummaging through my closet, I realized I had already pulled out most of my spring clothes when I did my seasonal closet clean out. Some black. Some pastel. I’ve decided to hang up with black sweaters in exchange for pastel.

How to Transition your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring:

  1. Take Inventory. What is currently in your closet? Have you done a seasonal clean out yet? Check over everything, including your drawers, and see what can go to the back of the closet. Have you worn that sweater at all this year? How about the past 3 years? If not, time to sell or donate. This is a great opportunity to do a purge of all those lingering pieces.
  2. Decide the Season. Ok, so here in Ohio it’s basically still winter weather with a smidgen of spring thrown in. It’s probably a good idea to check the forecasts regularly so you have an idea of what can go and what can stay. Go through each item of winter & spring clothing and ask yourself:
    • Can I wear this in the spring?
    • Is it practical?
    • Does it still fit?”
  3. Choose the Right Material & Colors. I would say that wool probably isn’t your first choice of material for spring so it’s probably safe to store those until next winter. I like to hang up my dark olives & dark reds for more bright colors. Cottons & knits, denim and anything colorful are all good basics.
  4. Mix & Match. Denim anything is a spring staple. Mix & match your winter items with the new spring trends. Pair a basic turtleneck with a floral skirt. Warm, cozy cardigan with that spring dress.
  5. Go Shopping. Once you’ve determined what you do & don’t have, time to shop! Check out below for some of my favorite spring picks. You can snag some killer deals on spring clothes now that spring break is over. Make a list of spring must haves that you’re missing. Some of my faves include:
    • denim jacket
    • white sneakers
    • floral dresses
    • light wash jeans
    • cotton sweater dusters
    • rain boots

There you have it. Some easy ways to start transitioning that wardrobe and get excited for spring! What I’m wearing plays a lot into my mood. We haven’t been able to get too excited for the weather with those darn gray skies are still lingering. By putting on more bright and springy clothes, it will help keep spirits high until those sunny skies are here to stay!

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