Confession time. Brent and I don’t get out together as often as we should. Ok, real talk. We barely ever go out on date nights. When we do, it’s usually thrown together last minute and we’re scrambling to find a sitter. Stress-city…

Don’t get me wrong, we have a blast when we finally make it out the door. We just haven’t been making it a priority. We can definitely tell when we need alone time. Nice words are not usually said to each other. All parents deserve an adult break every now and then!

Since Ella was in Florida with her grandparents, we were able to relax and unwind without the stress of finding a sitter. On one of our date nights, Brent and I had a delicious meal at a new restaurant. We had never been to Sarita after it took new ownership (and was previously Playerz). My, oh, my. Brent and I need to have dinners out more! The food was absolutely scrumptious! I even enjoyed a glass of rose for #nationalroseday.

After our delicious meal, we hit up some local bars for live music and to catch the end of the Indians game. The music was great, the 12 inning Indians game, not so great. I always remind Brent that he’s lucky I’m an athlete. I don’t mind spending an entire night watching the latest sporting event on tv. I sometimes think I get more into the action than he does!.

How to Transform your Date Night Look:

  1. Bring extra shoes – I love these shoes! For being heels, they’re pretty comfortable. But after awhile, my feet start to hurt. I think it’s the old age 😉 
  2. Stay warm – In Ohio, it can be 80 degrees and then all of a sudden drop down to 50 in a blink of an eye. Being prepared, is not an overstatement. I always make sure to bring along a shawl or jacket for when it drops, even for those heavily ACed restaurants. 

After all of our alone time while Ella was on vacation, Brent & I have realized we need to make it more of a priority to spend quality time together. When we don’t, we usually end up at each other throats & that’s no way to treat the one you love. I’m starting to add more weekly dates to our calendar, including family date nights. Of course we can’t forget to include Ella in on the fun! What’re some of your favorite dates or restaurants you’ve been to?

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