Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have any hot, date night plans for tonight?! Brent and I are rekindling some of the heat over dinner at home. I’m aiming to get Ella into bed early tonight so we can enjoy each others company, interruption free, before I need bandaids to hold my eyelids open. In case you are wondering about the bandaids, 9 pm is my usual bedtime and I live with a night owl.

Since we’ll be spending the holiday at home, I want to still be festive and it to feel like a night out on the town. I’m thinking romantic candlelit dinner, recreating our first date (Need date night help, check out here). Brent’s been in charge of planning dinners this week, which has been difficult for me to relinquish control of, but happy he’s so willing to help out. However, I’m grabbing the reigns for this night.

In order to really set the tone to recreate this night, I’ve been really thinking back to every detail of our first date. Brent and I had just met the weekend before so we were still getting to know each other. He picked a local Indian restaurant. I was a bit hesitant at first because I had never eaten Indian food before. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was, “what am I going to order that won’t get stuck in my teeth or end up on my lap?” The first date trauma could live with me forever. Thankfully, neither happened.

We were seated at a small table in the front window of the restaurant. The lighting inside was already dimly lit, really set the mood for a first date. Brent ordered dinner for us to share & a mango smoothie. Now I have to admit, I was really unsure about sharing dinner. I mean, in the wise words of Joey Tribbiani, “Alyssa doesn’t share food!” However, the portion sides were ideal for sharing & I’m glad I loosened the strings a bit.

After dinner, we headed to a prohibition era bar located in one of the more popular Cleveland neighborhoods. The bartenders there serve up fresh libations – all made from scratch. Brent ordered 2 amaretto sours and they were delish. After we finished the cocktails, we slow danced to some live jazz. It was definitely a memorable night. I can’t wait to recreate it!

How to Recreate your First Date:
  1. What did you do for your first date? We all remember it, every detail. Write it down, then..
  2. Start planning. Although we remember every detail, we still need to make sure we can recreate every bit of it. Check to see if you can get reservations at the restaurant or order takeout, buy the same alcohol/drinks to serve, rent the movie you saw in the theater, etc.
  3. Pick something sexy to wear. First date impressions are everything. Why not reignite the flame in one of your best outfits?! I have some of my date night favorites below.
  4. Enjoy each others company. After all, there’s a reason the two of you picked each other. Quality time is the best time to remember why.

For someone that doesn’t usually get excited about Valentine’s Day, I’m so happy it’s finally here. Usually, I look forward to date night because I don’t have to worry about taming the preschooler & wrangling her into bed. Tonight, it’s all about the romance. What’re your Valentine’s plans? Are you celebrating tonight?