Did someone say girls trip?! Holllaaa! As a mom, I don’t get too much alone time. Actually, it’s a rare commodity with my job title. It may be the most rewarding, but it sure can be exhausting.

Thankfully, I have a partner who understands that once in awhile, momma needs a break. Both Brent & his buddy have been on several “guys” trips this past year, visiting they’re buddy that lives in Austin. But this time, they both agreed to take the reigns and fly solo with parenting for 4 days. Yes, everyone survived!

My girlfriend and I flew down to Fort Lauderdale for 4 days. It was amazing and much needed. As moms, we often are so busy taking care of everyone else we forget to take care of our well being. Four days in the Florida sun is the perfect anecdote.

Of course, us women have a different idea when it comes to vacationing solo. While the men like to hit up the bars, us ladies like to relax poolside. And that is exactly what we did. We spent everyday at the pool, on the same lounge chairs. It was magical! Even though it rained a little bit while we were there, we still managed to get dark suntans.

One of my goals for the trip, and as part of my summer goals, was to work out almost every day while on vacation. I managed 3 out of the 4 days to break a sweat. On day #2, we hit up a spin studio called Cycleward. It was quite the workout. I was dripping sweat from head to toe by the end of the 50 minute class. It made me realize I need to start spinning again. It’s such a great workout and calorie burner!

Food was also another priority while we were down there! We ate most of our meals at the hotel, but we dined out 3 of the nights. Tacos & sushi were on the menu each night. It was so relaxing to dine out in quiet. What an awesome time we had!

Between the food, drinks, pool, sun, outfits & workouts, we had a great time! We definitely maximized our freedom of doing our own thing without really having much of a set plan. We just knew workouts, pool, tan & food were top priority. We’ve already started planning our next trip! Where should we go next?!

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