In one of my previous post, I addressed my goals for this upcoming year. Have you thought about yours? And I mean, carefully thought out, meaningful goals! Not just a resolution to start the year, but specific goals with purpose. Now that I’ve decided on what I want to complete for the year, the next step is to create an action plan.

One of my goals for this year is to read more books. We should constantly be striving to expand our knowledge. One of my biggest weaknesses after graduating college was no longer reading. And it wasn’t that I was “too busy” to read because I sure did spend a lot of time drinking vodka sodas in the bars, but I was lazy. I didn’t realize the importance of continuing to read. Of course it’s fun to read fiction novels and get lost in stories. But what I’m referring to is personal development and improvement books.

After graduation, I kinda lost my mojo for life. I graduated during the end of the recession but managed to land a great job right out of college. Although I had an amazing job, that paid very well for a recent graduate, I hated it. So, I did the basics to get by. No plan. No goals.

Ending out 2016, I started reading some new books on productivity because of course I felt as though every day was slipping through my fingers and I’d settle with getting Ella to bed and vegging out to Friends reruns. One of my most favorite reads, that I recommend to everyone, was “Eat that Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating” by Bryan Tracey. One of my favorite quotes from the book is the 6 P’s, “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” I wrote this down on a note card that I read every day. It reminds me that in order to accomplish all my goals and daily lists, I need to have a plan. I’ve written out 9 purposeful and uncomfortable goals. Now I need a plan to attack each one. With this plan, I’ve listed out 2-3 action steps that I am going to take to accomplish these specific goals.


  1. Become debt free
    1. Carefully budget all expenses and stick to the budget by tracking all spending and using cash to pay for groceries, restaurants, gas, etc.
    2. Have weekly budget check-ins with Brent to hold each other accountable.
  2. Vegan diet
    1. Meal plan and prep food every Saturday. If not available Saturday, then Sunday.
    2. Track eating in the app MyFitnessPal to make sure that I am getting the proper daily nutrients without eating meat
  3. Exercise 3 days a week
    1. Plan out gym time during weekly planning
    2. Follow the 8-week Katy Hearn lifting plan I received in the spring of ‘16
    3. Exercise in the morning to ensure completion of workouts
  4. Daily Meditation and yoga practice
    1. Follow a meditation guide to develop practice
    2. Meditate first thing upon awakening to establish daily intention
    3. Schedule a yoga class practice for the evenings, after Ella is in bed
  5. Read a new book
    1. Read 30 pages every day, while drinking morning coffee, but after meditation
    2. Create a reading list of new books I want to read
  6. Start blogging published content
    1. Plan weekly posts on Sunday
    2. Aim to write 3 new posts a week
  7. Relationship building with Brent
    1. Plan our date night at the beginning of the month to ensure babysitter availability
    2. Plan our alone getaways at the beginning of the month and write them down in the calendar (along with Google calendar)
  8. Stay present with Ella
    1. Plan an hour every day to play with Ella without any distractions (phone, social media, chores, etc.)
    2. Plan a mother daughter date once a month
  9. Take more pictures
    1. Take one new picture every day
    2. Organize digital albums

As you can see, this seems very overwhelming. However, I plan to attack a few goals at a time to create a routine. Once the routine is set, it’ll be easier to add in more goals. With these action steps, it creates a guide to goal achievement. It’s very easy to just write down what I want to do. Once you create action, you know what first steps to take.

Have you created any action steps towards your 2017 goals? I’d love to hear them!