Do you smell it? It has a light, airy romance fragrance to it. It sneaks up on your wallet & your wardrobe. Did you take any guesses? I know, my title gives it away. It’s wedding season!

Ever struggle to find the perfect outfit for ALL those weddings your invited to in the summer? I ran into this recently. I didn’t want to splurge on several different dresses for each wedding. My wallet just doesn’t have time for that! So what did I do? I gave myself some grace and decided I’ll shop my closet for one of the weddings and purchase something new for the other. Yes, this fashionista and shopping addict went shopping in my very own closet.

Pink is my favorite color. So, naturally, every outfit I picked was pink. When it came to shopping for an outfit, I’m IN LOVE with off-the-shoulder right now. So I found this piece (below) at Nordstrom.

Fashion Friday: Wedding Edition 2017



Dressing up, especially when you’re use to wearing shorts & t-shirts everyday – hello stay at home life! – can be slightly intimidating, especially for a wedding. Here are some tips when planning an outfit as a wedding guest.

4 Tips For Attending a Summer Wedding:

  1. Determine the venue: When you receive your invitation, do a little research on what type of venue both the ceremony and reception will be held. Is it a more conservative ceremony, like a church or chapel? You’ll want to look for an outfit that is also a little more on the conservative side – a high slit maxi dress might not be appropriate. Is it an outdoor ceremony? On the beach? Trust me, these are important. I learned the hard way by wearing heels to a beach wedding. Bad idea. Beach wedding = flip flops, espadrilles, any type of wedge. Also, if it’s outdoors, you’ll want to take weather into consideration. Do you live somewhere with a lot of humidity in the summer? Long sleeves or a jumpsuit might activate sweat glands you didn’t know existed! A breezy summer dress might be best. Does it get chilly at night? Make sure to pack a shawl!
  2. What type of reception: This one goes hand-in-hand with venue, as it will determine what type of reception it will be. If it’s a black tie reception, you’ll want to find more of an elegant gown or fancy cocktail dress. Usually if it’s an outdoor reception, a more dressy casual outfit is appropriate.
  3. Is it in the budget: How much do you want to spend? Really, how many weddings do you have? For example, we have 2 weddings, back to back, this summer and then one in the fall. Although 2 isn’t a lot, I didn’t want to splurge away my entire July budget with 2 new pieces. So, I went shopping in my closet for the first wedding and then bought a new jumpsuit from Nordstrom. I hadn’t worn the dress since the first time I had initially worn it to a wedding (2 years ago), so it was basically like wearing a brand new dress!
  4. Accessories are my best friend: This is the fun part! Since I wore a dress from my closet, I changed up the outfit with shoes, earrings, a fun necklace and shawl – although a July wedding in Ohio, a shawl isn’t really necessary! Accessorize away!

Summer weddings are one of the best parts of the summer season! Plus, it is always an honor to be included in the bride & grooms celebration of their new life together. How many weddings have you been invited to this summer? Are any of them your own?!