Summer is really heating up! Bonus: it’s shorts weather! In the past, I use to skip shorts altogether. Truthfully, I was a much bigger fan of skinny jeans and sundresses. Yes, I would wear jeans with 90 degree heat and Ohio humidity. I was soaked from sweat, but I didn’t have to bare my legs. Of course, sundresses expose a little skin, but not nearly as much!

I’m sure you’re thinking, how did I finally get over my fear of wearing those itty bitty things?! Consistent workouts and lots of Zumba! Cardio is definitely key, but weight training helps tone the muscle. If you do anything consistently, you are sure to see results. So there’s my two sense for today..back to shorts..

Considering I haven’t really dressed in shorts for so long, I was at a loss as to what to pair them with. Sure, I can keep it simple with a tank but that just didn’t look right. And then there’s the shoes. Flip flops is an easy choice, of course. But as a mom, I didn’t want to look like the teenager next door. I needed something a little more sophisticated, yet casual. I know, I know. All this head ache over a pair of shorts. But, finally, getting over my fear of shorts is a big milestone for me.

So what did I decide to pair with my fancy, shmancy shorts? Here are three tips for styling shorts:

  1. Tank it up: I know what you’re thinking. I just mentioned I didn’t like my tanks with shorts. But I never mentioned flowy, pretty tanks. It helps dress them up and add that sophistication. Plus you can…                                    
  2. Tuck it in: I’m a big fan of tucking everything in, especially with high-waited denim. It helps pull an outfit together and look more polished. 
  3. Add some wedge: I’m officially in love with wedges. They instantly dress up any outfit with shorts and have become my recent go-to! Not to mention, I don’t feel like my feet are going to fall off after running errands. Wedges offer a little bit more support than heels, but are still stylishly casual. 

There ya have it. Three easy ways to add a little pizzazz to your shorts! Now go rock those things, girl! What’re you waiting for! What’re some ways you add a little sparkle to your shorts?