Bubble Sleeve Sweaters

Yahoo for Friday! The 10-year-old version of myself would be preparing to curl up in front of the tv with some popcorn and cocoa-cola while waiting for TGIF to start. Anyone else remember drooling over Cher’s wardrobe on Clueless? As a tomboy throughout my youth, Cher’s wardrobe began my love for girly fashion! Thankfully, with time, my style has definitely evolved…

Soooo.. I wanted to start a new Friday feature at the end of every month of the items I’m currently loving. Whether it’s a top, new pair of pants, new style trend or beauty product, I’m going to share my favs!…ladies & gentlemen, my #FridayFavorites:

I am in LOVE with bubble sleeve sweaters. I have one for each day of the week, in different colors of course! They are very versatile. You can style them with high waist skinny jeans, black pants or a skirt. They can be layered over long sleeves or layered under overalls. Then they can be accessorized with either stylish athletic sneakers like these or some killer over the knee boots like these. Plus, the perfect stylish mom staple. Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater?


Bubble sleeve sweaters are perfect. I wear them on the weekends or to work. The possibilities are endless. It’s great for my budget too. Being able to purchase clothes that are wearable for both home and work is a major plus. What’re your current trend favorites?!

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