It started with one product, then I was hooked!

Growing up, I was very self conscious about my skin complexion. I was the typical teen, hormonal acne and all. I struggled with keeping my skin clear. I went through endless amounts of products & made multiple trips to the dermatologists. I used almost every prescription lotion and even tried oral medications. Nothing seemed to work.

Fast forward to college and my adult years. My hormonal acne seems to be less and less. However, I had a dull complexion and some dark spots from previous pimples.

That’s where Beauty Counter comes in. The first product I tried was the Vitamin C Serum. I mean, who could turn down sunshine in a bottle!?

Then, the best thing happened. When I was with my sister, she kept commenting on my skin. She was in awe of how bright my complexion was! I immediately knew it was because of Beauty Counter.

So I made the switch and haven’t looked back – now I’m a Consultant. Check it out here!