You guys, Cleveland has a pedal tavern. That’s right, a pedal tavern. Don’t know what it is? Yeah, I didn’t either! But it’s exactly what you would expect.

Two weeks ago, for my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party, we took our group pedaling. Let me tell ya, it was so much fun & the perfect new thing I tried that week! (Not sure what I mean. Check out this post where I discuss all my goals for the summer).

5 Lessons I Learned on a Pedal Tavern

To start, we arrived at the garages where the bikes are stored. Our time slot was from 10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.  We had about 16-17 people in our group so they had us bike on the 2 large bikes. They each sit 15 people, 6 on each side plus 3 to ride along in back, so we split up evenly.

Cleveland Cycle Tour Bike

There were 8 of us on our bike, plus the bride’s (very) pregnant sister, who was our DJ. Oh, did I mention that these things have giant speakers to jam with?! Yeah, we had those things bumpin’!

Next, each person can bring up to 3 cans/non-glass bottles of beer or wine. My sister & I split a 6-pack of Great Lakes Brewing Lightkeeper Blonde Ale. This was a first for me. It was light, refreshing & kept us well hydrated on the bike ride! I didn’t make it through all 3 beers, which probably was a good thing for a 2 hour tour.

Once all the beverages were loaded up, we began pedaling. We had two options for what Cleveland neighborhoods to cycle, Tremont or Ohio City. We chose Tremont. Our first stop was the bar Treehouse.

Cleveland Cycle Tour

Upon arrival, at approximately 11 a.m., the bar was just opening up for service. I bought myself my drink of choice, a Tito’s & soda with a lime. So refreshing. Because I was feeling ambitious, I bought the bride & myself a shot of Fireball whiskey. I would come to regret this decision right around 1 p.m. Stay tuned..

Next stop, Prosperity Social Club. I don’t think they were ready for us because the bar was packed! However, the bartenders & servers there were exceptional. We got our drinks quickly (once again a Tito’s & soda with lime, yum!) and headed back to the bikes.

Thankfully our drivers are also the time keepers & kept us on track. They do a really great job at making sure there’s enough time for us to stop by the hot tourist spot, the Cleveland sign, to snap a few photos.

Cleveland Tourist Sign Tremont

Once we got back to the garages, we collected our belongings & headed to brunch at Southside in Tremont. This is one of my favorite brunch spots in Cleveland, if only I felt like eating. Let’s just say, after being there for 10 minutes, my sister sent me home in an Uber. I definitely learned a few lessons from this one…

5 Lessons I learned on a pedal tavern:

  1. Eat breakfast.
  2. Pack Water.
  3. Just because you can take 3 beers, doesn’t mean you NEED 3 beers.
  4. Avoid Fireball whiskey shots. Actually, avoid ALL shots.
  5. I’m no longer in my twenties…

Overall, it was a blast! I had so much fun and definitely recommend it for large groups or bachelorette parties. However, don’t make the same mistakes as me, especially if you take the morning tour. My biggest takeaway, eat breakfast! What’re some activities you like to do for bachelorette parties or large groups?!

All the tour deets:

Who: Cleveland Cycle Tours

What: Cleveland’s Only 15-person Bike Tour

Where: Ohio City/Tremont or Downtown Cleveland

When: Mon-Sun, time varies by party.

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