Ok, so I’m not always the best planner! I’ve been trying REALLY hard to plan out all of our summer activities, events, parties, so that we can hit everything on our summer bucket list. We’ve already knocked 4 items, out of 12, off of our list! Woohoo! I’m already improving from last summer. Full disclosure, I didn’t have a 2016 summer bucket list. Gahhh.

One of the items on our summer bucket list is a family vacation. Guess what guys? I do not have this planned at all! We’ve been debating on what we wanted to do as a family. Also, since it’s so last minute, we needed to plan something budget-friendly and low maintenance. That’s when I came up with a short list of ideas.

5 Last Minute Vacation Ideas:

  1. Road Trip: The length of the drive can vary from super long to even a quick trip to the next city over! Whichever is within your budget, and offers the most “vacation” feeling. Some ideas of places to road trip to include historical sites, museums, beaches, a new city. You can pack meals or stop at local hot spots and try new cuisines. For entertainment, who doesn’t LOVE the license plate game?! One of my favorite road trips was from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Sometimes, the best part of road trips are the views along the way! 
  2. Camping: This one is definitely budget friendly option. Most camp sites range from $15-$40/night when sleeping in a tent – which is what we’ll most likely be doing. I don’t have to worry about cooking fancy meals or getting dressed up for dinner out. Definitely low maintenance and a great way to relax and chill from the hustle and bustle of everyday. 
  3. Amusement Park: Ok, so this one is obviously one of my favorites (we have season passes to Cedar Point). We’re so lucky to live so close to the greatest amusement park in the world. However, it would fun to check out other amusement parks as well. Most are a short drive away from Cleveland. There’s Kennywood & Dorney Park in Pennsylvania and Kings Island in southern Ohio. If you’re a thrill-seeker, these would be great family activities! 
  4. Bed & Breakfast: Like a road trip listed above, these could be close to home or a good drive away. However, you’ll probably want to leave the kids at home! 
  5. Staycation: This is probably the most budget-friendly of all! Check out your local city guides for all the hot spots! You could stay in a hotel, to make it feel more vacation, without the cost of travel.

These are just a few last minute ideas. All of which are pretty low maintenance! What trips do you have planned for the rest of summer? Are you a better planner than me?!