“Do something every day that makes each of your five senses come alive in ways that encourage you to find peace in your created self.” Doesn’t this quote ring so true? I found it in the book I’ve been reading, “Choosing Real,” by Bekah Pogue. I’ve been following it every day, and boy, has it been mood changing.

How to make an epic comeback

Lately, I’ve been struggling. Struggling to get dressed, struggling to go about my usual daily activities, struggling to keep Ella in one piece. So I picked up a book & started re-reading. In this specific chapter, she is relating this quote to rest. Well, girl, I’ve been “resting” for 5 years.

Now hear me out…

Sure, I’ve been a stay at home mom for a few years now. Taking care of another person has it’s challenges & can be exhausting. But it doesn’t challenge me. On the contrary, I feel as though it has sucked every drop of creativity, motivation & progress out of me. I’ve put so much into giving Ella everything, it’s taken everything out of me. It’s sucked me dry. I’ve had my rest.

With trying to multi-task life, I’ve put myself on the back burner. As a mom, it’s extremely difficult to ever put yourself first. I mean, when I wake up, the first thing I think about is what my plans are with Ella for the day. I have so many goals that I relentlessly talk about, but have not been holding myself accountable to. I just want to help everyone else, please them, make them happy. I’ve left my cup empty while simultaneously only filling everyone else’s halfway, being pushed & pulled in every direction.

It takes time. Nothing wonderful, amazing, spectacular happens over night. But a few tweaks here & there, over time, go a long way.

3 Ways to Make an Epic Comeback:

  1. Don’t Give Up. Even when stressed, overwhelmed, over worked, and just can’t get out of bed, don’t stop pushing through. Easier said than done, right? Creating little routines have helped me chug along. Making over morning or evening routines is the place to start. Incorporate a daily devotional, motivational reading, whatever it is, make it something positive & then journal about it. Writing everything down & getting it out of your head, on to paper feels so liberating. By reading my devotional first thing in the morning has helped set the tone for my day. I always end up feeling more inspired & motivated. Give it a try!
  2. Create good habits. Yes, brushing your teeth & putting laundry away are great. But what about the way we talk to ourselves. I know on bad days, I’ll tell myself I need to workout more, stop eating so much chocolate or I have no value to offer. So, I’ve been flipping that around. My new habit is putting on a full face of makeup every morning & getting out of sweats! Am I running late some mornings? Sure. But boy, do I feel so much better & I’ve noticed a change in the way I talk to myself. Feeling down in the dumps? Flip it around & find something positive going on that day! Usually the lows are such a small fragment of the everyday grind, we tend to focus on those. Let’s put the positive into over drive & create the habit of being kind to ourselves!
  3. Get Your Hands Dirty. A little dirt doesn’t hurt, right? Stimulate your senses. Put on some music. Get to work. Once all the negative has been put aside, it’s been so much easier to get things done. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work. Rest when you’re dead. This may seem gruesome, but it was some of the best advice one of my youth basketball coaches ever gave me. Take that HIIT class, join a club or organization, interact with people, eat all the chocolate, write all the blog posts. Whatever it is, don’t stop doing it. Putting in work is good for the soul & makes one feel valued. It keeps the cup full & sleep better.

At some point, we’ve all felt a little run down & can’t scourge up any last effort. But just like I tell my girls on the basketball court, you have 4 quarters to play your hardest, most best basketball. Make every last second count, even if we’re down by 10 points. When you’re feeling down, remember there’s always overtime! Are you ready to make a comeback? What helps stimulate your senses?