Spring season is officially here. Restaurant patios are opening up, spring break has come & gone, and bare legs season is upon us. That’s right. Time to bust out those pretty pastel & floral spring dresses.

Confession time..I love dresses. Once the Ohio weather starts to warm up, they’re pretty much all I wear. I love the non-constraining feeling of flowy dresses. They’re just so much more comfortable than jeans & dress pants. The only downside to wearing dresses all the time is that it makes one outfit. Yup, it’s a one-and-done outfit staple. But this spring, I’m making my wardrobe stretch.

3 Ways to Style the Perfect Spring dress:

  1. Running errands go-to: White sneakers & a wide brim hat. Let’s face it. When we’re in the middle of hustling from errand to errand, we just want to be comfy. To stay looking stylish while out and about, pair that floral dress with some white sneakers and a hat!
  2. Brunching with the girls: Wedges/booties & denim jacket. Staying cool and cozy out to brunch with the girls, wedges or booties will dress up any outfit and adding a denim jacket will still keep it casual. 
  3. Date night staples: Chunky heels & clutch. Ready for a night out with your man? Bust out those chunky heels & statement clutch.

i am so happy that spring is finally here. It is one of my favorite times of year. I’ve officially pulled out all my pretty dresses that have been hibernating at the back of my closet all winter. I’m so happy I get to FINALLY wear my floral dress. What’re some ways you like to style your spring dresses?

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