Brrrr. Those covers sure are warm. And a heated blanket, yes please! Anyone else struggle to get out of bed on those bitter, cold mornings? We’ve been hit by some arctic weather here in northeast Ohio so I know I’d rather snuggle under the covers and wish for a genie to bring me my hot, morning cup of joe than shiver my way to the coffee pot. But that’s just me…

In the winter, I tend to be more of a homebody. I love snow and I love winter. But I hate the freezing cold days. The bitter cold is yuck. It can be so unmotivating. In order to get my butt to my go complete my workouts, I’ve strategized a game plan.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated at the Gym this Winter:

  1. Have a Plan. I’ve been in desperate need of a change up with my exercise routine. I love lifting weights, but it was becoming monotonous. The same routine every week. Dead lifts, overhead extensions, hip thrusts. I needed a change. I recently downloaded the “Sweat” app from Kayla Itsines. I love it. Everything is on there that you could need, especially for beginners. In the app, it sets the exercise plan for each day for you. There’s not much effort on your end. 28 minute workouts, it’s perfect. However, if you’re not using any apps, I recommend making sure you have a fitness plan in place. Some sort of routine of workouts, rotating those workouts to prevent burnout, and/or working with a personal trainer. If you have a plan in place, it’s harder to make excuses for missing a workout! Also, create a meal plan. I can’t harp on this enough! Meal planning is everything!
  2. Stay Accountable. It’s on my bucket list to compete in another bikini competition before I have anymore babies. My goal is this spring, but due to injury, laziness and lack of accountability, I’ve put myself in a tough position to hit those goals. Having accountability is a great way for me to restart with this goal. I’ve been checking in with my macros coach and texting my sister about my workouts! Knowing that I have daily/weekly check-ins helps keep me in check. I don’t want to miss reporting back that I skipped a workout or missed a meal.
  3. Dress in Layers.¬†And bring back ups. Yes, lots of layers. Thank goodness for gym lockers! I pile on the clothes when I’m headed out the door. Then I’ll start my workout with a sweatshirt (hey! old college crewneck) or long sleeves and about halfway through my warmups, I’m stripping off the top layer. I’m drenched in sweat by the end. So that brings me to the next one, bring a change of sport bras & tanks. After a strenuous workout and dripping in sweat, you’ll want to change out of your wet clothes! It’s best to either shower at the gym or change. I prefer to change & shower once I get home!

Well, there ya have it! Three ways to stay motivated and kick some butt in the gym this winter! It’s easy to have goals at the gym but it’s all about execution! Hope these help you when you’re feeling down about gym time! What’re some ways you keep yourself motivated?!